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Product Design.

We provide our clients with creative, innovative and cost effective products and solutions.


Designs By White offers a wide range of [design and development] services. Our portfolio includes: consumer, industrial and commercial products, medical equipment, architectural designs & solutions, and promotional products. We tailor our approach to your needs to build momentum, satisfy your stakeholders, and exceed end-user expectations.

We work with start-ups to large corporations, taking pride in developing long term relationships that continue as our clients succeed and grow.

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What we offer ...



development & management

computer modeling and rendering

3D modeling & print



product development services


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What we offer ...



With 10 years of experience as an industrial designer, we provide a wide variety of categories including consumer, industrial and commercial products, medical equipment, architectural designs & solutions, packaging design, and promotional products. Whether it’s just improving the appearance or ergonomics of an existing product or bringing a new technology into the market, we can help your company bring your concept to life.

Product Development & Management

Our relationship doesn’t have to end at the concept phase. The vast majority of my clients find my experience working with the factory through the product development and sampling phases to be invaluable for preserving both functional and aesthetic features of their products. I carefully track all development issues in a series of detailed reports that we use to communicate effectively with the factory through the product development phase.


Computer Modeling & Rendering

We use the highest quality digital tools available both for 3D computer modeling and design as well as for computer visualization. Our CAD rendering service allow clients to visualize products as they are developed, it also provides a time and cost effective alternative to traditional photography. We can provide marketing images as the product is developed, allowing our clients to publicize their products even before the final prototype is even complete.



From 3D printed prototypes to photo ready working models, we got you covered. My approach to prototyping is customized to the needs of your specific project. Multiple prototypes and samples during the concept and development phases are recommended for most projects to properly verify and refine the ergonomics, function, and aesthetics of your product. We can often rely on computer renderings to verify the majority of the design aesthetics while relying on 3D prints to show us the “feel” of the product in order to keep prototyping costs down.


Packaging Design

A great package will make your product pop. Our designs bring your brand identity to life and open opportunities for expanding product lines. We position your unique identity on-shelf to improve your product’s appeal and showcase a holistic brand image at every consumer touch point. Get a custom packaging design and our designers will create something you’ll love.


We are firm believers in the importance of creating products that are comfortable and intuitive to use. As part of my design process, both the users’ physical and mental interaction with your product will be carefully considered.


We define your idea, develop your idea and produce a prototype, bringing your idea to life
30 min